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The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation is a proud participant of the Amsterdam Light Festival.
This yearai??i??s theme is ai???friendshipai??i??. We will honour friendship by creating a playful light sculpture called ai???Filosai??i??, Greek for friend.

Light sculpture Filos
The sculpture invites the visitor to interact by moving his position. Doing so, the separate panels coalesce into a somewhat abstract head of a dog. The friendship between man and dog is an exceptional one, especially when the dog has been trained as a guide dog. Pictures of special friendships bring this striking work of light art to life. These pictures are submitted by donors who want to show their support for the important work of guide dogs. In the run up to and during the Amsterdam Light Festival you can send us your picture of friendship and contribute to the artwork made by Univate and commissioned by The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. By contributing, you put the guide dog in the spotlight.

Help us illuminate the guide dog
Contribute to the training of guide dogs and upload a picture (of a dog) symbolizing friendship. Then visit the Amsterdam Light Festival and check if your photo contribution is part of the light sculpture Filos. We want to show as many contributions as we can, which is why we will make several versions that we will show at different moments. In that way as many people as possible will participate in this interactive and co-created piece of art. However, in case of overwhelming interest, it may not be possible to project all pictures. On December 10 all the (selected) submissions will be added to this website. The artwork can be viewed via the walking route of the festival and lasts from December 10th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016.

More information on The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation: http://www.geleidehond.nl/english-page/

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation

Photo: Renata DutrAi??e.